In order to become an Adventurer one must become a Lv50 Explorer. Adventurers have the abilities:


Increase Endurance (intermediate)

Increase Spirit (small)

Increase Dexterity (tiny)


Items box Operation (50)

Party Organization

Field Walk


  • Items Box Operation: 『We have 800-1000 items. Item box, open!』
    • An item box is summoned. The size of the box (number of items that can be stored) is dependent directly on the users level but since the job is the second stage of the Explorer job 50 spaces are available.
  • Party Organization: 『Responding to the faith of companions, I have read the honesty of their hearts, Party Formation』
    • A party is created. People within the party receive shared experience and are able to use the portal created though Field Walk.
  • Field Walk: 『』
    • A portal with the appearance of a black wall is created. The portal can only transport the user or the user's group anywhere the have previously seen. It cannot be used inside labyrinths for entry or exploration.