In order to become an explorer one must enter a labyrinth. Explorers have the abilities:


Increase Endurance (small)


Item Box Operation (Level dependent)

Party Organization

Dungeon Walk


  • Item Box Operation: 『We have 800-1000 items. Item box, open!』
    • An item box is summoned. The size of the box (number of items that can be stored) is dependent directly on the users level.
  • Party Organization: 『Responding to the faith of companions, I have read the honesty of their hearts, Party Formation』
    • A party is created. People within the party receive shared experience and are able to use the portal created though Dungeon Walk.
  • Dungeon Walk: 『One brave man in the complicated puzzling labyrinth, Dungeon Walk.』
    • A portal with the appearance of a black wall is created. The portal can only transport the user or the user's group to somewhere within the current labyrinth.

Trivia Edit

  • Explorer is the only job people are aware of that has levels, because it can be determined by the size of their Item Box.