Gozer North Braun Anhalt
Race Elf
Alias Leader
Age 46
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Native Language Brahim
Jobs Grand Wizard Lv61
Occupation Knight (Leader)
Affiliation Order of Harz Duchy Knights

Harz Duchy

Equipment Staff of Offerings

Sacrificial Misanga

Media Debut
Web Novel Chapter 62
Gozer North Braun Anhalt

Gozer North Braun Anhalt is the leader of the Order of Harz Duchy Knights.

Appearance Edit

Gozer has been described as looking like a very handsome middle-aged man. The light novel depicts him as having combed back short blonde hair.

Personality Edit

Gozer has a serious personality and is almost always composed. Even when he's surprised, he can regain his cool in a moment.

He is somewhat troubled by the orders he has to follow, especially when they are either difficult to do, or will result in a major event.

Background Edit

Gozer used to deal with Luke's father before the latter retired.

Chronology Edit

【First Meeting】 Edit

Gozer met Michio while the latter was in Tare, assisting in the flood relief. He followed the Duke's orders, and was present while his superior tried to hire Michio.

He later encounter Michio again while speaking with Luke.

He and his team conquered one of the dungeons in the Harz Duchy.


As leader of the Order of Knights of Harz Duchy, Gozer has many subordinates under his command to perform numerous tasks, such as intelligence gathering and patrolling. He is also an accomplished fighter, having experience in numerous labyrinths and having conquered at least one.


Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Brocken North Braun Anhalt Edit

Gozer is loyal to the duke and both protects him and follows his orders.

Cassia Edit

Michio Kaga Edit

Gozer sees Michio as a trustworthy and capable individual.

Luke Acid Edit

Gozer trusts Luke as his personal broker.

Trivia Edit

  • Gozer's party was first seen in Web Novel Chapter 76. It consisted of two Holy Knights, a Monk, and a Shamon. All of them were at a high level.

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