Jobs are designations people of the Other World are able to choose based on their interests and abilities.

Description Edit

Normally, a person is only able to posses a single job at a time and when a job is chosen it usually cannot be changed without great effort, but because of that, each job gives the owner job specific abilities. When one has fulfilled the requirement to change jobs their level is reset to Lv1. Michio Kaga has the unique ability to swap jobs freely but like everyone else his levels and exp does not carry over from one job to the next.

ex. (Lv5 Villager → Lv1 Warrior) ▬ (Lv30 Warrior → Lv1 Knight) ▬ (Lv50 Knight → Lv1 Holy Knight)

Jobs provide their owner with various effects, which boost the stats of the owner's party, as well as various skills unique to the job.

Changing Jobs Edit

To change your job, one needs to visit the guild temple in the guild of the new job one wishes to acquire. Changing jobs can also be done in the Temple of Elen, however, one can't choose beforehand what job one will get if done this is done. If the person has not fulfilled the previous requirements of the job they want, they can't change into it.

List of Jobs Edit

lv0 lv1 lv5 lv10 lv30 lv50 Other Condition
Villager Warrior Knight Holy Knight
Bounty Hunter
Merchant Slave Merchant
Wealthy Merchant
Monk Shamon (沙門)
Wizard Grand Wizard
Priest・Shrine Maiden Senior Priest/ Senior Shrine Maiden (禰宜)
Beast Warrior Beast King
Dragon Knight
Hotel (旅亭)
Forest Ranger
Explorer Master Smith Sekigan (隻眼)
Weapons Merchant
Armor Merchant
Thief Gambler
Bandit (兇賊)
Herbalist Yakushi (薬師)
Hero (Eiyū) Great Hero (Yūsha) (勇者)
Sex Maniac
Village Chief

Trivia Edit

  • Only Michio is aware that all jobs have individual levels, and that without leveling some of them up, some other jobs will be unattainable.
  • The people in the Other World are not aware of the specific requirements for each job; they only have a vague understanding of what needs to be done, leading to some misconceptions.
  • There are myths and legends of people possessing multiple jobs. Michio is the only known person to actually have multiple jobs.