Harem in the Other World Labyrinth
Volume 2
Light Novel - Volume 2
Release Date 2013/4/30
ISBN 978-4072896730
Volume 1
Volume 3


Michio Kaga who safely purchased Roxanne takes her to a double room at the inn. He spends time to calm his nerves as well as soothe Roxanne of her anxiety. They then go shopping while discussing necessities for meals and equipment. After Michio and Roxanne finish shopping and return to the room, Michio wipes down Roxanne's body spending twice as long on the tail. The morning of the following day, Michio challenges the labyrinth along with Roxanne. While Roxanne was surprised by Michio's abilities, Michio was surprised by Roxanne's skills in combat. Together they performed an advanced search. With Roxanne's advice, Michio is able to gain the job Priest. He thereby gained a means of recovery.


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