Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World Volume 5
Light Novel - Volume 5
Release Date 2015/4/27
ISBN 978-4074131914
Volume 4
Volume 6


With the addition of Sherry and RoxanneMichio Kaga's labyrinth exploration proceeded。 A request for the adventure Michio arrives。It is a request to participate in disaster relief activities using adventurer's movement magic. Michio gives a vacation to Roxanne and Seri and participates in activities in the Duchar territory of Harz. So I got acquainted with the Duke of Harz and Goslar of the Duke of the Knight. Roxanne purchases a brush for hair on vacation, and the husband thinks it is necessary to look at it. According to Celie, the mirror made of the permanent mask is of good quality, it is used for aristocrat gifts as well. The perm Mask which reached using the moving magic, the check was severe, and there was a problem for Michio to enter. You need a power of attorney from the nobility. Will the husband be a power of attorney, then a mirror? ---.


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