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Kanji/Kana ミリア
Rōmaji Miria
Race Catkin
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Blue
Blood Type
Native Language Burner
Jobs Diver Lv33

Assassin Lv35
Village Chief Lv1
Pirate Lv1
Villager Lv5
Merchant Lv1
Explorer Lv1
Warrior Lv30
Herbalist Lv1
Swordsman Lv1
Monk Lv1
Shrine Maiden Lv1

Occupation Slave
Affiliation Michio Kaga (Master)
Equipment Estoc of Petrifaction

Iron Shield
Strengthened Hard Leather Hat
Hard Leather Gloves
Hard Leather Shoes
Sacrificial Misanga

Media Debut
Web Novel Chapter 81

Miria is the third party member and slave of Michio Kaga.


Miria's appearance is described as very cute. At a height of 150 cm, she is taller than Sherry and shorter than Roxanne. She is slim and slender with a moderate chest that is neither modest nor big. She possesses dark navy blue hair that appears black. She has a round face with round eyes and soft cat ears atop her head. The hair on the outside of her cat ears are dark blue, but are white on the inside. She also has a tail that she can move freely.

Personality Edit

Miria has an obedient personality and often ends her words with -desu. She has a deep love for fish, and will often be motivated by using fish as a reward.


Miria was caught fishing in the territory of a temple, and was sold into slavery after consultation with her village.


Miria was in a slave house waiting to be bought when Michio found her. She was bought because Michio felt that she could read the mood well.


Miria has good eyesight, allowing her to see in the dark and notice the slight, nearly invisible, discoloration in demons when they are affected by negative statuses.

Miria is skilled in the use of spears, two-handed swords, and a one-handed sword in paired up with a shield.

Equipment Edit

  • Estoc of Petrifaction
  • Iron Shield
  • Strengthened Hard Leather Hat
  • Chainmail
  • Hard Leather Gloves
  • Hard Leather Shoes
  • Sacrificial Misanga



Michio Kaga Edit

Miria is very respectful towards Michio, as he is her primary source of fish. She seems to be amazed by what he is capable of, but will occasionally ask him for more fish when she wants some.

Roxanne Edit

Miria looks up to Roxanne and treats the latter as if she were her elder sister. She is is particularly impressed at Roxanne's ability in battle and imitate the latter's movements.

Sherry Edit

Miria seems to get along with Sherry. She knows that Sherry can provide any information that the former doesn't possess.

Vesta Edit

Miria is happy to be around Vesta, as this makes Vesta her junior, meaning she can call herself onee-chan.

Rutina Edit




  • It's implied Miria uses the same kinds of weapons as Roxanne to imitate her.
  • Miria is the only one in the party not fluent in Brahim.