Monster Card is a rare drop from demons.

Appearance Edit

Monster Cards are about the same size as Intelligence Cards. They also appear to be blank.

Description Edit

Monster Cards are cards that, when fused to a piece of equipment, will bestow upon that equipment a skill that depends on what kind of Monster Card is used. Only a Master Smith can perform Monster Card Fusion. Monster Cards can only be identified using a Guild Temple. They first appeared in Web Novel Chapter 45.

List of Monster Cards Edit

Card Demon Item Skill Skill w/

Kobold Monster Card

Ant Monster Card NT Ant Weapon/Armor Poison Fang/

Poison Resistance

Bat Monster Card Hat Bat Armor/Accessory Evasion Rate Increase Double Effect
Bee Monster Card Grass Bee Weapon/Armor Increased Damage/

Decreased Damage

Progressive Increased Damage/ Progressive Decreased Damage
Butterfly Monster Card Bitch Butterfly Weapon/Armor Wind Sword/Wind Shield ?
Caterpillar Monster Card Green Caterpillar Accessory Sacrifice n/a
Coral Monster Card Collagen Coral Weapon/Armor Petrifaction/

Petrifaction Resistance

Annex Petrifaction/

Double Effect

Cyclops Monster Card Cyclops Weapon/Accessory Increase in Attack 2x Attack
Goat Monster Card Escape Goat Weapon/Accessory Increase in Intelligence 2x Increase in Intelligence
Lizard Monster Card Scissor Lizard Weapon/Armor Fire Sword/Fire Shield ?
Mermaid Monster Card Kettle Mermaid Weapon/Armor Tidal Sword/

Water Shield

Erosion Sword/

Water Resistance

Ox Monster Card Mino Armor Increase Mobility Enhanced Movement Power
Pig Monster Card Pig Hog
Rabbit Monster Card Slow Rabbit Weapon Incantation Delay Incantation Interruption
Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card Fly Trap Weapon MP Shave MP Absorption
Sheep Monster Card Cheep Sheep Weapon/Armor Sleep/

Sleep Resistance


Double Effect

Shrub Monster Card Rub Shrub Weapon/Armor Paralysis/

Paralysis Resistance

Annex Paralysis/

Double Effect

Slime Monster Card Gumi Slime Armor/Accessory Physical Damage Reduction ?

Trivia Edit

  • Monster Cards are very rare drops, as it seems that there aren't a lot of them in circulation; the only other way to get them is through auctions.
  • There are Monster Cards that are called high-ranked Monster Cards that can only be used when fused to an equipment together with a High Kobold Monster Card.
  • Most people believe that Monster Card Fusion relies on luck. This is false as a Monster Card Fusion will always succeed as long as the item has an empty skill slot. If there are no more empty skill slots, then the fusion will fail, the Monster Card will disappear, and the item will be reduced to its raw materials.
    • Michio uses Appraisal to tell if an item has an empty skill slot or not.