A Slave is someone, who for various reasons, is no longer a regular person and is treated like an object.

Description Edit

A slave is someone who has lost their right as a regular person and essentially becomes equivalent to an object. This does not necessarily mean that becoming a slave will lead to only a life of hardship.

Anyone who owns a slave is obligated to provide their slave food, clothes, and shelter. Slave owners also have to pay a tax for their slave alongside their own. If a slave owner abandons their obligations or treats their slaves remarkably unfairly, their contract is annulled. If the slave owner dies, so does the slave. This doesn't occur if the owner arranges for someone else to inherit their slave or if they are set free.

Everything a slave owner buys for the slave is considered the slave owner's property, not the slave's. On their first year as a slave, their owner has to pay a tax of 10,000 nars. After their first year, this increases to 30,000 nars.

Trivia Edit

  • Slaves are taught Brahim by Slave Merchants because most people who buy slaves speak Brahim.
  • Slaves generally don't eat at the table with their masters and are usually fed leftovers, are dressed in secondhand clothing, and sleep on the floor. They are also not generally given weapons unless absolutely necessary.
  • It is not unusual for people who enter labyrinths to buy slaves to join their party. This is because even with the increase in people, all the profit goes to the slave owner.
  • The slave must give their consent to become a sex slave if their owner wants to have sex with them. It is also necessary for the person's consent to become a slave at all, if they aren't criminal slaves.
  • It is possible, though uncommon, for a slave to buy their freedom.
  • Slaves must be at least 15 years old before they can be sold.
  • The only possession a slave owns is their underwear.