Vale (ベイル) is a town in the Empire and the first town Michio visits.

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Chronology Edit

Vale is the first city Michio traveled to. Michio stayed in Vale for his first few weeks in the Other World.

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Vale is surrounded by a wall about a kilometer per side. There is a castle gate, but there are no guards so people are free to come and go without inspections. The castle walls aren't very high either since movement magic would make such things useless. Vale contains two rivers that both flow from the south and exit through the north. The water that flows into the city from the south is clean and becomes cloudier as it heads downstream due to sewage discharged into it. Because of this, the northern most area became the most undesirable and turned into slums.

Features Edit

  • Vale's Labyrinth is located near the city and has become quite popular since its discovery.
  • Vale's Slave Trading Company is run by Alan. This is where Michio acquired Roxanne and Sherry.
  • Vale Pavilion is located here and is run by Innkeeper. This is where Michio stayed until he moved to Quratar.

Known Characters from Vale Edit