Vale's Labyrinth is a labyrinth located near Vale.

Chronology Edit

Michio first explored this dungeon to raise enough funds to purchase Roxanne.

Location Edit

This labyrinth can be found in the outskirts of Vale. It is within walking distance, making it convenient for any one staying in the town to make round trips.

Demons Edit

Floor New Demon Floor Boss
1st Needle Wood Udo Wood
2nd Green Caterpillar White Caterpillar
3rd Kobold Kobold Kampfer
4th Mino Honeycomb Tripe


5th Cheep Sheep


Beep Sheep


6th Naive Olive


Palm Baum
7th Escape Goat




8th Collagen Coral


9th Slow Rabbit Rapid Rabbit


10th NT Ant


Hunt Ant


11th Spi Spider


Spice Spider