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Volume 8 Cover
Kanji/Kana ベスタ
Rōmaji Besuta
Race Dragonkin (竜人族)
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 2m
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Fiery Red
Blood Type
Family Father


Native Language Brahim
Jobs Dragon Knight Lv35

Villager Lv5
Farmer Lv1
Explorer Lv1
Herbalist Lv1
Warrior Lv1
Swordsman Lv1
Monk Lv1
Shrine Maiden Lv1

Occupation Slave
Affiliation Michio Kaga (Master)
Equipment Iron Sword

Steel Sword
Strengthened Hard Leather Hat
Steel Gaunltets
Steel Platemail
Steel Demi-Greaves
Sacrificial Misanga

Media Debut
Web Novel Chapter 120

Vesta is the fourth party member and slave of Michio Kaga.


Vesta is at least two meters tall. She has light brown skin, short red hair, and eyes that have the same shade as her hair. She has long and slim limbs, making her look like a model. Vesta also has noticeably large breasts. Like all dragonkin, she has slight protrusions coming out of the outer part of her forearms.

Personality Edit

Vesta has a very timid personality, always asking others for permission to do things because she's afraid of being reprimanded. This is a holdover from being a slave since birth.

She has started to become more confident after attaining the Dragon Knight job she has always admired.


Vesta was born to two slaves, and thus born a slave herself. She served the same master as her parents until she finally became 15 years old.

She was then old enough to be legally sold and was brought to the auction in Quratar's Merchant's Guild.


Vesta was seen by Michio who was interested in buying her. At the auction, she was eventually bought by Michio. She meets the other party members, and is amazed at how beautiful and well dressed they are.


As a dragonkin, Vesta possesses the greatest amount of physical strength in her party. She also possesses the ability to breathe a small flame common among people from her tribe.

She is skilled in the use of two-handed swords. She prefers dual wielding them to increase the number of attacks she can perform.

Equipment Edit


Companions Edit

Michio Kaga Edit

Vesta sees Michio as a powerful and merciful master. She is always amazed at how well he treats her and his other slaves, which is a stark contrast to how most people would treat someone in her position.

Roxanne Edit

Vesta greatly admires Roxanne due to the latter's great ability both in and out of combat.

Sherry Edit

Vesta respects Sherry, due to the latter's amount of knowledge.

Miria Edit

Vesta is not shown interacting so much with Miria. They are at least on good terms with one another.

Rutina Edit

Vesta has not had many interactions with Rutina as of now.




  • While still underage, she was taught by another slave how to please a man.